Gyuto knife, Shirogami 2 Honyaki, mirror finish - Togashi Kenji


Togashi Kenji is a highly experienced Sakai-based blacksmith. He is most famous for his honyaki or true-forged blades. These blades use a mono steel construction which is then differentially hardened. This basically means the edge is harder than the spine. The wave line, or hamon, seen on the blade face is an indication that the blade has been hardened in this way. These are the hardest knives to make and failure rate is high. 

SHAPE: Gyuto. Japan's answer to the chef's knife with a thinner profile. Gyuto translates to cow sword.

STEEL: Shirogami (white) 2 steel. It is a reactive carbon steel which is easy to sharpen and holds an edge well. This steel is often chosen for traditional-style Japanese knives.

FINISH: Mirror polished.

HANDLE: Ironwood and turquoise.

LENGTH: 240mm in length.

MAKER: Togashi Kenji - Sakai, Japan

BEST FOR: Seekers of the ultimate in Japanese knife craftsmanship. 

SAUNDERS SAYS: "I only got one of these which was the a mistake. This thing is magnificent, it’s definitely got some weight to it but it’s still perfectly balanced.”