Gyuto knife, Cobalt special powder steel, tsuchime finish - Yu Kurosaki


Yu Kurosaki is a young blacksmith based in Takefu, Echizen. He started his blacksmithing career in 2002 appetising under Hiroshi Kato the then owner of Kanehiro. In 2018 he was given the award of Traditional Japanese Craftsman, a very high accolade. We are very proud to sell his knives and think he is a real one to watch in the future.

SHAPE: Gyuto. Literally translates as "cow sword", this is Japan's answer to the western chef knife. 

STEEL: Cobalt special. This is a very new Japanese Stainless feel used extensively in hunting knives. It’s pretty amazing stuff and really nice to sharpen.

FINISH: Tsuchime. This is a hand hammered finish that helps with food release.

HANDLE: Octagonal mono Walnut wood and Octagonal keyaki mono wood

LENGTH: 210 or 240mm in length.

MAKER: Yu Kurosaki - Takefu, Japan.

BEST FOR: Those looking for a range of knives that is as functional as it is beautiful.


SAUNDERS SAYS: “We met Kurosaki San last time we were in Japan and we both immediately knew we wanted to sell his knives." 


These knives are hand-forged so there may be slight variations in measurements and finishes.