Sujihiki knife, VG5 stainless steel, migaki finish - Ohishi


Almost exactly the same look and feel as the Ohishi Aogami Super range but with in a complexly stainless steel package and much cheaper.

SHAPE: Sujihiki. A slicing knife similar to the yanagiba sushi knife but with a western double bevel. Very adept at cutting in one continuous movement causing minimal damage to the protein.

STEEL: VG5. A lower carbon/lower alloyed little sibling of VG super steel family. Making it easier to sharpen and I have found it to be a lot less chippy.

FINISH: Polished or migaki

HANDLE: Western micarta handle

LENGTH: 270mm in length.

MAKER: Ohishi - Niigata City, Japan

BEST FOR: A really great entry point into the world of Japanese knives for professionals.

 SAUNDERS SAYS:"These are very dependable knives and will put up with a decent amount of abuse."