Gyuto knife, VG10, damascus finish - Ohishi


This range of knives add to the already impressive offering from Ohishi. 

SHAPE: Gyuto. Japan's answer to the chef's knife with a thinner profile. Gyuto translates to cow sword.

STEEL: VG10. A premium high carbon Japanese Stainless steel capable of impressive hardness.

FINISH: Damascus or Suminigashi. This type of finish is made by repeatedly folding two different steels until they create the twisted and folded pattern. Generally speaking this is then used as a cladding so doesn’t affect the knife physically except for the looks.

HANDLE: Octagonal magnolia wood handle with buffalo horn ferule

LENGTH: 210mm in length.

MAKER: Ohishi - Niigata, Japan

BEST FOR: Those wanting an easy to look after knife in a very pretty package. 

SAUNDERS SAYS: "The fit and finish on these knives is excellent for the price and the steel is hardened up to HRC61-62 meaning they have great edge holding abilities. "