Tokyo: ice, ice baby

We can't lie, the jet lag from an inbound flight to Tokyo is a killer. We figured that the best way to reset the bodyclock was to power on with a nightcap at one of the small bars we had visited on the last trip. And by small, we mean a four-seater bar absolutely befitting of its name "Narrow". When we met the bar owner before, he showed us how he could chip a block of ice into a perfect clear sphere. We didn't video it last time but made sure to whip out our phones this trip.

The whole process takes around two to three minutes as the edges of the cube of ice are gradually chipped off and then the surface shaved with a vegetable peeler and warmed as it is handled to create a perfectly smooth sphere. The Japanese are very serious about their ice, going for expensive varieties that have better clarify and melt slowly without watering down your drink. Apparently it is possible to recreate this at home by freezing cartons of water, wrapped in towels to insulate them and ensure a slow, clear freeze. 

Quite a skill. The main trick seems to be hitting the heels of your palms together as you chip away to avoid accidentally impaling a finger on an ice pick. If you fancy having a go, we have some winging their way to the store about to be listed... Take a look. through the moody bar lighting and excessive use of filters, you can see the ice sphere emerging.

The music - no, definitely not Vanilla Ice - was another recommendation from the bar owner, Suiyobi no Campanella. We have developed quite a girl crush on this artist, partly because her videos are mesmerising. Take a look at our favourites below... they are both trippy enough to make you feel like you are jet-lagged in a small Shibuya bar, having been awake for 36 hours and about to sink your third shochu. 



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