Sharpening by post - ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS

Exciting times, you are soon to be in possession of super sharp knives. To make sure that they get to us safely and quickly, please follow these instructions...

We are sending you a triangular postage tube - with a pre-paid postage label - inside a large paper mailer bag. There will also be a packing slip and some foam chips.

Start off by taking the paper mailer bag the package arrived in, and use it to wrap your knives. If you already have knife guards and want to put these on too, all the better. 

The aim is to create a roll that holds the knives firmly in place without any of the blades touching: think knife Swiss roll. Fold over the ends of the mailer bag to keep everything in place but make sure there is some space between the knives. You may want to trim the mailer bag, use the excess to stuff the end of the tube, or add the foam chips we include on the tips of the knives.

Feel free to add any extra packaging - just make sure that nothing is rattling around. This set up should fit the majority of knives. If yours don't fit or you would prefer to use your own packaging, go ahead. 

One paper knife wrap!

Get this inside the tube. It is easiest to assemble the postage tube around the package of knives rather than try and slide it in. Please also include your original packing slip with your order information. Once it is assembled, you may want to tape the ends and side.

Take a note of the tracking number on the returns label. And then hand it over to Royal Mail. Simples. We will email you with tracking information when the knives are sharpened and on their way back to you. This will reuse the same postage tube.



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