The June round up - six things...

June seemed to go by in a flash and is perhaps one best forgotten. Too much rain, not enough remain votes. Pah, need we say more? We did have some culinary highlights though and here is what we spent the six month doing...

1) SIPPING on cherry beer. Cherry kriek, cherry sour beer, lambic beer made with cherries. You name it, we've had a good glug and it is helping to quench our impatience for real homegrown cherries.

2) REVISITING our love for Korean food. Below is a bulgogi beef feast with no less than three, yes three, types of kimchi two of which were homemade. The two elements of barbequed meat and fresh lettuce works surprisingly well for summer.

3) EXPERIMENTING: with the himalayan salt plate. This time we chilled it down in the freezer, sliced up some scallops and let them sit on top for a couple of minutes each side before finishing with yuzu. Totally amazing and ridiculously easy.

4) GUESTING: at wedding where we took the following awful selfie. Turns out the absolute best thing you can do for your wedding guests to ensure the dancing gets going is to bring out a massive tray of pulled pork baps about 9.30. Yes please.

5) LAUNCHING: a whole range of new products, from graters to knife sharpening accessories to new shapes and sizes of existing favourites. Take a look here.

6) REINVENTING: breakfast. We are so bored of the normal staples that we have gone totally savoury and have been feasting on rice and natto Japanese-style, spanish tortillas, and eggs with dal as below. A real flavour hit first thing,


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