The five minute non-recipe suitable for anyone

This is so simple and easy that it is a non-recipe, not anything that requires a method or description of quantities but more a serving suggestion I hadn't seen before. And lo and behold, I discovered it on Facebook. Not on the profile page of a foodie friend but on one of those viral videos that pop up on feeds to implore you to give yourself diabetes by mashing together biscuits, and syrup and chocolate or other such concoctions. This suggestion for foil baked artichokes is far preferable. All it requires is trimming off the tips of the leaves and pulling off any leathery outer petals, and cutting off the top of the 'choke to expose the layers. This is then massaged with a tablespoon or so of olive oil, liberal salt and pepper, crushed cloves of garlic, grated parmesan and a handful of chopped parsley. The whole thing is wrapped in foil and baked in a low oven (circa 150 celsius) for 45 minutes. We stuck one version on a BBQ with similar effect. While I wasn't convinced by the parmesan, the baking method created a sublime result that was embarrassingly easy. 


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