The early bird catches the Christmas worm... 5 great present ideas

Thinking Christmas in October? Yeah, it's too soon for us too. That said, there is something that is particularly satisfying about getting to December and realising you aren't going to have to spend evenings frantically prodding your ipad working out what to order, nor chase round the shops on the 22nd trying to track down the last few things. We aren't saying you have to go full-elf and get it all delivered and wrapped by the beginning of advent, but if you wanted to kick things off and pick up a few choice items, now is the time to bag the best of what's on offer.

Some ideas and my current five favourites.

1) The perfect gift for pretty much anyone is a higonokami. For box opening, for paper cutting, for endless household tasks that you really shouldn't be try to accomplish with an open pair of scissors. They fit in your pocket or desk and are - we would suggest - pretty much the perfect present for people who are tricky to buy for. Try these stunners - the turquoise one for me.

2) Are you buying for a sushi aficionado? Then a soy pot and dish might be just the ticket. When they are laying out their spread of dragon rolls, gunkan and inarizushi, they can add this into their food flat lay. The chic way to get rid of those little fish soy dispensers.

3) You say stocking filler - or secret santa present, I say rice paddle. Beautiful lines. Incredibly ergonomic. And there is nothing more satisfying that portioning just the right scoop of rice. 

4) Black and white and function combined together in an effortlessly functional object. The suribachi might not be your everyday kitchen staple, but it soon will be. Traditionally these would have been used to grind sesame seeds into a paste but they can turn their hand to all manner of crushed-dressings, think pesto, romeasco, baba ganouche, classic caesar, guac, salsa verde... the list goes on. The great thing about these ones from mujun is they just look so classic and chic (and, if we are going to get to the point, they look a whole lot more expensive than the price tag. Always a win).

5) And you can't go wrong with merch. Particularly a tote bag from your favourite knife shop *cough* <us> *cough*. We spent a lot of time researching the exact tote we wanted... heavyweight enough, decent length straps, a good old gusset, and wider than it was tall... to make it perfect for groceries. It's an absolute winner. 


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