Let me tell you about Soho... 12 Ingestre Place, W1F 0JF

Have we mentioned the new Soho store enough? I'm not sure we have. The end of 2023 was a whirlwind of new stores, preparations and general nose to the proverbial and real grindstone. It was A LOT. But now the dust has settled (again, both literal and proverbial) we can take a closer look. And, boy, what a lot there is to look at in Soho.

The corner location gives us the perfect chance to showcase the knives and kitchen kit and the current knife offering is on point. Going forward, the plan is to use this shop to showcase more cheffy products. There is a massive delivery about to drop from Japan that includes an absolute tonne of niche mis en place containers, chinois and other highly niche, highly covetable items.  

Come see us in store soon. Opening hours and full address info here.



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