Knife sharpening: how it works


We hand sharpen knives on whetstones and are very happy to take a look at your knives and get them looking sharp and shiny. You can drop them in to either the Netil Market shop or 136 Stoke Newington Church Street. We can generally turn these around in 48 hours and will contact you when they are ready for collection (this can be from Netil House reception if you are London Fields-based). In the week, we can sometimes sharpen while you wait depending on the job at hand - if you require a rush job, email us beforehand ( and we will try to fit you in.

We don't just do straight sharpening. If you have chipped your knife along the edge or even chipped the tip, we can sort this out. It takes a little longer to do but the results are pretty darn good (even if we say so ourselves!). We can also sharpen non-knife items - mandolin blades, scissors, axes. If it has a blade, generally it can be made sharp again. Either email us or bring them in and we can chat through what needs doing.

If you have a Japanese knife, or other high carbon steel bit of kit, sharpening it won't be a problem. High carbon steels like whetstones and like to get sharp. If it is a more inexpensive stainless steel, it might not get sharp or the cost of doing so might be prohibitive. We are happy to chat though any sharpening jobs with you first and give you our honest assessment. 

The pricing is around £8 per knife, depending on the work required. If you bring a few, we can price accordingly. Prices for chip removal are priced according to the work required. We are also happy to accept knives sent securely by post. Remember, if you have bought the knife in question from us, we will resharpen free of charge.

Finally, if you work in a professional kitchen and there are several of you with knives to sharpen, give us a shout. We can come to you, bring the sharpening stones and also some of our stock knives for you to have a play with. Email

Try us out and get your knives looking sharp and shiny again. 




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