Oysters - not just, but also, for Valentines Day

Just as puppies aren't just for Christmas, oysters aren't just for for Valentine's day. If we are going to use another well worn adage they are, in fact, for any month with an "r" in it. And that definitely includes FebRuaRy. While we could easily slurp our way through a dozen nightly with a bottle of something white and chilled, we aren't Rockerfeller and are just as content to have a couple each to kick off an evening picked up at the fishmongers with whatever else we are buying for the main event. A canape in a shell and just enough to whet the appetite.

With the oyster kit at hand, we wanted to try a few different ways to serve them. Not that we don't go crazy for a dash of tabasco, a squeeze of lemon or even the unadulterated decadence of oysters Rockerfeller. But we wanted to mix it up and - perhaps unsurprisingly - went for something with a little Japanese flavour to it.   

Fewer oysters more regularly has meant that we have become more adventurous with the toppings. The latest were twofold. Oysters freshly shucked and topped with a splash of yuzu juice, a tiny dash of soy and a few spring onions. The second ones were grilled in the shell with soy. Delicious and these would definitely scale up with something cold, white and fizzy for V-day. 


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