The January round up - six things...

What a month. We have fitted in some travel and a lot of planning for 2016. A new year and lots of new plans and ideas in the pipeline. A little round up of what we have been up to. 

1) BATTLING - Pho versus banh mi, sandwiches versus soup. We can't agree on which is the current lunchtime favourite.

2) FILLETING - fish is definitely the most appropriate thing for January dinners. Quick and easy, cost effective if you buy them whole, and a good antidote to the excesses of December.

3) LIGHTING - up our lives with our latest toy, a light box! We are a bit late to the game with these but given we have a penchant for anything with our names on or anything illuminated, this is right up our street. Who needs neon?

4) TRAVELLING - to Marrakech. It was beautifully sunny, spectacularly atmospheric and full of new things to try. A fuller post on what we ate - literally the good (lashings of lemon chilli sauce), the bad (udder, anyone?), and the ugly (Sheeps head) - on a separate blog post, here.

5) SIPPING - hot chocolate a plenty. If the temperature drops below about give degrees, we want some. Either a more decadent rum and cream affair, or the more restrained version with almond milk, cacao powder and agave syrup. Needless to say, the picture below is of the rum and cream version!

6) PREPARING - for Valentine's day. Move over roses, forget about the chocolates... it is the foodie gifts that your best beloved craves. We already have an edited collection of gifts for you to peruse here and have come up with some extra packaging and presentation ideas to make it look extra special. Here is a sneaky peek of one of the designs...


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