Coleslaw - the Benriner mandolin in action

One of our go to dishes to be served on almost the side of anything is coleslaw. And we literally put anything into it. I mean anything. Vegetables from the conventional carrots and cabbage to all types of onions, beetroots, courgettes, squashes and radishes. Fruit from orange segments, to grapes, apples and pineapples, or dried fruit from cranberries to apricots to figs. This can all then be topped off with nuts, seeds or herbs. The dressing can be a conventional mayo-based (homemade or otherwise), the more healthy option of yoghurt or creme fraiche, or a less conventional vinagrette style dressing, either plain or perked up with some mustard. 

The one thing that these coleslaws all have in common is the Benriner mandolin. The nifty gadget that turns even the hardiest of vegetables to matchsticks in mere seconds. Take a look at it in action...


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