Hero ingredient - anchovies


WHAT ARE THEY? Saunders rightly describes these as "the bacon of the sea". Just like bacon they add a depth and umami punch to pretty much anything. Just how anything you add bacon to doesn't necessarily taste porky, adding anchovies needn't mean it tastes fishy. It will however taste more salty. 

WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM? Let us count the ways. For starters, stuffed in or rubbed on a leg of lamb; the quintessential ingredient of salsa verde; the Swedes use them in a potato dish called Jansson's temptation; the Spanish serve them marinated as tapas; use them to liven up puttanesca sauce even further; spread on your toast in Gentleman's relish; on salads, either Caesar or Nicoise; anchovy butter to slather on a steak; or even fresh, cooked like whitebait.    

WHERE CAN I GET THEM? Pretty much anywhere - in jars, in tins, in oil, pack in salt, or, as we have recently discovered, in a very smearable paste. A store cupboard staple. 


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