The taste test - banana chutney

WHAT IS IT? Tomato chutney, mango chutney... but what about banana chutney? We tried a Banana Chutney from Rubies in the Rubble.

WHY IS IT QUESTIONABLE? Can you make something savoury and spicy out of an ingredient more commonly found in smoothies and cakes? Will the flavour be anything other than sickly sweet? And, given it is unlikely to taste good with peanut butter, what on earth will you do with it?

SAUNDERS SAYS: "Amazing and weird. It definitely has banana in it [no shit Sherlock]. It tastes like you were making piccalilli with a small child and, when you weren't looking they stuck a load of bananas in there. I need this with my cheese toasties."
SYMONDS SAYS: "Wowzers - there are bananas in there. The texture is unusually smooth for a chutney, there is a real kick from the chilli and garlic and it is a fabulous shade of French's mustard yellow. I wouldn't be surprised if Farrow & Ball bring out a new paint colour called "banana chutney". I can imagine slathering this on pretty much anything (apart from the walls)."
THE VERDICT? Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Now to try it on peanut butter on toast.  


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