On a recent trip to Moxons and with a yearning for sashimi we asked what would be a good raw. The usual suspects emerged but we were also informed that sea bream would be a good bet. After my recent knife buying missions, I felt like a challenge so plumped for a bream and bought it unfilleted.

Taking my new deba, I first remove the head. Then filleted the fish as depicted below. All I can say about filleting is: point one, that practice does indeed make perfect; point two, for godssake start out on something cheap; and, point three, if it all goes pear-shaped, just turn it into tataki

After pin boning the fillets and cleaning them up, I sliced the fish using my yanigba into thin sashimi. This was served with ubiquitous wasabi, soy and daikon. Yummers and well worth the time spent.


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