Flower power chocolate

Okay, so that whole chocolate flower bark thing... It has become a hit in my kitchen. I might have had grand intentions to use it as "hostess gifts" but it never seems to make it out the flat before Saunders hunts it outs like a truffle pig and scarfs the lot. 

This batch used a wider range of flowers in slightly smaller quantities - rose petals, marigold, cornflower and orange blossom. The flavours were more subtle but the colours were stand out. And, because everything looks infinitely more fun in stop motion with a plinky soundtrack, a vine of the chocolate making..


The options are endless and pleasingly seasonal... candied orange and pistachio on dark chocolate, crushed pink peppercorns and lemon peel on white chocolate, flaked almonds and dried cranberries on milk chocolate, shards of peppermint candy cane on dark chocolate... 



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