How we are sipping our gin in May

I fear we may have summered early at Kitchen Provisions as we are already celebrating the rose. Not the clipped, soapy smell of maiden aunts, but the generous, blowsy waft of country garden roses in full flower.

We started off with a blend of gin that already had quite a floral flavour. To this we added some lavender sugar syrup that we had steeped rose petals in for 30 minutes or so. We finally found another use for that dusty tin of lavender sugar; quite why I thought I would need half a kilo, I'm not sure. We added the ice - in pleasingly spherical form - and a good glug of tonic water. 

We would have added a slice of lemon too. Amalfi lemon even, if we had it. We didn't, so we didn't. The result was nonetheless floral, refreshing and pleasingly pink.




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