Six of the best - our favourite Instagrammers

We have to hold our hands up here, we are hooked on Instagram. Whether we are searching for something specific, like ideas for what to do with a mystery ingredient, snooping on a new restaurant opening, or just time wasting, it is never far from our iPhone screens. The downside to this is that we have also become THOSE people that will take a photo of their plate before trying a forkful and who know the different filters like old friends. Don't hate us just yet...

Instagram - or #foodstagram - seems to be the hottest place at the moment for all things edible. I have seen quite a few lists floating around of foodstagrammers to follow but have been disappointed as they are all excellent choice but at the same time a little too obvious. Yes, Nigella and Jamie. Of course, Clerkenwell Boy. And indeed Dan Doherty.

We have a few more slightly offbeat suggestions for people we think are well worth a look....

little_meg_siu_meg - what this woman doesn't know about sushi and Japanese food probably isn't worth knowing. The pictures are beautiful but, equally importantly, the descriptions are superbly detailed and she ensures you know why it is good (or not) and the exact textural qualities. In three words, Japanese food porn. 

Buttervikings - these are a strapping Swedes making "Virgin Butter". They also have quite the knack for photography and, slightly concerningly, a thing for eating daffodils. 

Sabrinaghayour - I loved Persiana but what I love more is the sensibility of instagramming every thing you consume, right down to the half eaten pitta sandwiches and emergency cornettos, rather than just the elegant, elaborately plated suppers. Plus she wears a onesie to do it. Legend. 

Berry Bros and Rudd - classic, classy. Lots of glassy-glasses, yards of vineyards in leaf, and a few classic cars. This has more than a whiff of both Jeeves and Wooster to it. A lesson in how it should be done. 

Mortyandbobs - A little bit of dribble runs down my chin every time I see their pictures. Close up of oozy cheese are guaranteed to please. 


Huntergathercook - they hunt it, they kill it, they cook it. They then whip up a quick martini to serve with such mouthwatering dishes that you simply wouldn't believe they were created in the deepest, darkest Sussex countryside. When London gets a bit too urban, this is a great antidote. 

Also worth checking out are the one-ingredient accounts - particularly goatscheeseappreciationsociety and blackpuddingcrew. There are also the hashtags to explore... a whole other subject. But I will let you into the fact that twenty minutes will disappear from your life if you search for #sixminuteeggs... breakfast will never be the same again. 

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