How we are sipping our gin in March - part two

Well, turns out the rhubarb gin did not take long at all to infuse. Either that, or we are far too impatient. Or possibly both. And so, in under about a week, it was time for another gin cocktail. It's March not January, perfectly acceptable to have two cocktails this month. 

We put a generous splash of the rhubarb gin into the bottom of a couple glass, added a couple of drops of our own blend orange bitters, and topped it with prosecco. A little bit inaccurate measurements but we were going for a kir royal / champagne cocktail type proportions. You get the idea.

Delicious. It is quite tart and, for the sweeter toothed cocktail drinkers, could benefit from a splash of Cointreau. Next time. Because we had it to hand, we also floated a little piece of dehydrated rhubarb on the top. Completely superfluous but it did make us feel rather glam while sipping it. 

A little vine of the cocktail being prepared:

 And the rhubarb being dehydrated:


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