Bring on the bulgogi

We can't get enough of bulgogi - a Korean barbeque-style sauce. We bet our bottom dollar that what thai green chicken was to the late 90's, bulgogi will be to the mid 2010s.

One of the central ingredients is the Korean pear which gives the sauce its fruity sweetness. Aside from this, it seems that it is all up for grabs with plenty of opportunity to tweak the recipe according to your personal preferences and the meat you wish to douse with it. The pear puree, or pear juice, is meant to help tenderise the meat. While one camp of bulgogi cooks suggest it isn't necessary, it adds sweetness without the cupful after cupful of sugar that some recipes include. 

We went for two versions. A pear-heavy and quite liquid blend that we used to marinade the beef alongside onions and mushrooms. The second version for the ribs was spicier with added honey to turn it into more of a glaze. Both videos are below:

Recipes to follow.


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