Hero ingredient - raspberry pulp vinegar

WHAT IS IT? It is, well, raspberry pulp and vinegar. It’s kind of like Ronseal in that way. I had never bought it before and possibly even shunned it. I first came across it during an elongated money making scheme whereby Symonds Airbnb-ed her flat out for what felt like a year. Guests would leave all sorts of interesting food related paraphernalia but one couple really pushed the boat out. The raspberry vinegar remained at the back of the cupboard until I excavated deep enough to be rewarded with its red treasure. 

WHAT DO I DO WITH IT? I really have gone to town on the use front. I started with the obvious salad dressing. It is excellent with a walnut and blue cheese salad. As I am sure you have now realised, I have a penchant for cooking meat. I generally have a beer/old bottle of wine to hand for deglazing. The vinegar suddenly took this role. Its sweetness worked fantastically in gravy. I REALLY LOVE THIS STUFF.  

WHERE CAN I GET IT? The supermarket should have it or most online fine food retailers will be able to help. Alternatively Airbnb your property and hope you get the same gourmands that we had. Winner.


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