Hero ingredient - crema di ortica

Love the flavour, colour and versatility of pesto but getting a little bit tired of it? Want something that tastes, looks and cooks like pesto but a bit different? We have the answer. 

WHAT IS IT? Essentially pesto. But with the basil replaced by nettles. Never tried nettle? It has similarities with spinach but with a fresher, more vinegary edge.

WHAT DO I DO WITH IT? If you can do it with pesto, you can do it with Crema di Ortica. Stir into pesto, bake onto fish or drizzle on just about anything. The fresh edge means it works particularly well with fish and avoids the heaviness that pesto can give to pasta. 

WHERE CAN I FIND IT? We picked up a jar at an Italian deli. It would be easy enough to whip up a batch of your own, replacing basil with blanched nettles but keeping the other ingredients the same. 


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