Hero ingredient - roasted aubergines

Know that feeling? The one where you are sitting at a bar by the harbour somewhere in the eastern Mediterranean, you've been in the sun all day and can taste the salt in the sea air. It is time for a sundowner and you have just ordered a couple of cold beers to drink as the sun sets on the horizon. NOW, want that feeling on a rainy Tuesday in November? I bet you do. Well here it is, in a jar. 
WHAT IS IT? A jar of smokey, roasted aubergine flesh. Packed full of the flavour you get after charring and roasting them for hours. Sweet and smokey and soft with no spongey bitterness. Think babaganoush without any of the effort. Okay this is a cheat. Go ahead and roast and char that aubergine yourself. But, when time is short, reach for this and thank us.
HOW DO I USE IT? We have been known to eat it straight from the jar. That is because we are savages. When we are being slightly more refined it is mixed into yoghurt for a dip, spooned on top of hummus in a "pimp my hummus" type effort. We have also included it in a falafel wrap thing... the rule of thumb being if you can stick hummus in there, whack some of this in there too.
WHERE CAN I GET IT? Turkish supermarkets, or pretty much any corner shop in north east London.


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