Hero ingredient - Gran Luchito

Want to add a bit of a kick to your eggs and your life? Tired of the run of the mill chilli sauces? Fancy opting for something more smokey than fiery?

WHAT IS IT? A smoked chilli paste made from the Pasilla Oaxaca chilli. Very much a paste rather than a sauce, it needs mixing or spreading, rather than drizzling and dipping. But when you do... the smokiness is stunning and it packs a lot of chilli punch without the vinegary taste of many a chilli sauce.

WHAT DO I DO WITH IT? Two words, avocado on toast. Well, three words, but two ingredients. The smokey chilli will liven up even the most anaemic and unyielding of avocados. My personal favourite is to slather some nutty bread with peanut butter and stud with dollops of the chilli paste. It is also a prime ingredient in my "baked eggs in the microwave" speciality breakfast but I think that info is for another post. 

WHERE CAN I FIND IT? Whole Foods, some delis sell it and you can buy online. Don't buy one jar, I tend to source them three at a time.


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