Seafood eat food

Is there anything better in life than cracking a lobster claw, hunting out the last bit of crab from the shell or slurping a freshly shucked oyster? We don't think so.

While it is often said that we don't eat enough seafood, it is also true that we don't prepare enough in our own kitchens. Let's leave the fish for fish fingers and focus on the other underwater critters. Whether you are whipping up a feast for a "seal the deal meal" or tucking into a crab on the sofa on a Tuesday night just because you can, you need the tools to do it. We have these and we also have the ideas, techniques and instructions in spades.

Treat yourself or grab the perfect gift for a friend, lover or flatmate. Nothing says I care like a pint of prawns. And if you are willing to snog them after they've eaten them, it is definitely true love.

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