SIGN UP, SIGN UP! So, you want to buy a Japanese knife?

We love having customers in store and spending time helping them to choose the knife to go home with. We think we can take this further and offer an even better buying experience that is more hands on and and even more jam packed with information about knives and handles and knife care. 

We have therefore planned bookable 60 minute sessions to allow you to get the full walk through of all things knife. Rather enjoyably, this will also include a hands on element with real life tomatoes and potatoes and, given the smaller group, the chance to find out how the different shapes and steels feel in hand. Will you be able to sliced with every knife on the wall? No, 'fraid not. But you will be able to handle a wide range with the idea that you can discover which style suits you best? Absolutely.

Groups will be small with a maximum of four people. There will be a £48 charge to attend. with the cost of participating fully redeemable against any purchase on the night. We will be holding sessions in Stoke Newington and Borough Yards. Sign up here.


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