Hero ingredient - British seaweed

WHAT IS IT? Seaweed. The weed of the sea. Not just the stuff that brushes up against your foot when you are taking a paddle, but also good eating. It gives a savoury umami boost to anything it is added to and is not at all fishy. 

WHAT DO I DO WITH IT? The hands down best thing we have been doing with it is to sprinkle it on scrambled eggs (or poached or fried). It gives an extra yum factor and makes brunch just that little bit more special for minimal effort. We have also been using it, alongside a little salt and a few grinds of sesame, to top rice and form our own blend of furikake (more waxing lyrical on furikake to come, I'm sure!). We have also thrown it on top of any salad (particularly noodle-based) that is looking a little lacklustre. Symonds doesn't have much time for that ubiquitious pumpkin and sunflower seed blend, comparing it unfavourably as "like someone fag ashing on your salad", but is a sucker for seaweed. 

WHERE CAN I GET IT? We picked up this jar in a deli but, if you can't find the British blend, some crumbled nori will have the same effect. And if your nori has gone soggy, a quick waft over the gas burner will get it crispy and toasted again. You're welcome. 


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