Yatagan paring knife, carbon steel - Windmühlenmesser


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A lovely little knife, ideally suited to chopping herbs.


SHAPE: Yatagan. A shape inspired by the Turkish scimitar. 

STEEL: Carbon steel. Care must be taken to keep the knife dry and oiled if not used regularly. The knife will naturally discolour over time.

FINISH: Polished or fine glazed. This is a process seldom seen in Solingen today. It involves smoothing or polishing the blade surface using using progressively finer compounds. This creates a very smooth feeling blade while also helping with rust prevention.

HANDLE: Plum wood

LENGTH: 85mm

MAKER: Robert Herder, Windmühlenmesser

BEST FOR: Owning a shape that nobody else does.


SAUNDERS SAYS: "These knives are quite unlike other big brand German knives, they are super thin behind the edge giving great cutting performance."








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