Yanagiba knife, VG10 stainless steel, traditional single bevel - Sukenari


Sukenari hamono were founded in 1933. Throughout Japan they are known for their ability to forge blades of exceptional quality. They have also been real pioneers of modern steels and their forging. 

SHAPE: Yanagiba. This knife is used to slice protein in one continuous movement to minimize damage to the ingredient. This shape features the traditional single bevelled edge so is only suitable for right handed users. This edge design allows the blade to take a razor sharp edge helping with the slicing of fish thinly. 

STEEL: VG10. A premier high carbon Japanese stainless steel.

FINISH: Polished.

HANDLE: Octagonal Magnolia wood handle with a buffalo horn ferrule.

LENGTH: 240 or 270mm in length

MAKER: Sukenari - Toyama, Japan

BEST FOR: Those looking for a traditional Japanese slicing knife.

SAUNDERS SAYS: "I am always surprised at how often I use my yanagiba, both for fish and portioning boneless meat."

Traditional Japanese knives, such as this, should exclusively be sharpened by hand on Whetstones.