Usuba knife, Aogami 2 steel, damascus finish - Nigara


Nigara Hamono has a excellent reputation for creating one-of-a-kind knives. We are very excited to be stocking these knives. In the words of me ‘they are well nice.’ 

SHAPE: UsubaThis single bevel vegetable knife excels at precise cuts. It is one of the three knives always found in a sushi chef's arsenal. This knife is only suitable for right handers. Traditional Japanese knives, such as this, should exclusively be sharpened by hand on whetstones.

STEEL: Aogami (blue paper) 2 steel. This is very similar to white paper steel but with tungsten and chromium added to it which helps with edge retention and slows down rusting. This steels differs from Blue 1 in its carbon content, Blue 2 being slightly less. Due to the non stainless nature of this steel care must be taken to dry the knives properly after use. 

FINISH: Damascus or suminigashi. This type of finish is made by creating a Kitaeji; which is produced by repeatedly folding/stacking then compressing two different steels until they create a laminated pattern. This can then be manipulated in various ways to produce the maker’s desired pattern effect. This material is then clad around the core metal of the blade as an elaborate protective layer for the core steel - thus giving the knife a beautiful and striking appearance.

HANDLE: Octagonal Ebony handle and a Buffalo horn ferrule.

LENGTH: 165mm in length.

MAKER: Nigara Hamono - Japan

BEST FOR: Top of the line knives in crazy steels.

SAUNDERS SAYS: “A really rather special looking knife"

These knives are hand-forged so there may be slight variations in measurements and finishes.