The Letterbox Gin maker’s kit

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Craft your own gin in less than 24 hours using artisan botanicals

The original and arguably still the best gin blending kit with a selection of two botanical blends. Your own bespoke gin infusion is less than 24 hours away. Simply add one of our hand-picked botanical blend sachets to any vodka and watch the alchemy. And this time it will even fit through your letterbox!

In this hand-crafted Artisan gin kit you’ll find everything to transform humble vodka into your own majestic gin: two botanical mix sachets which include juniper berries, bottle label, tag, cocktail stirrer, straws, two sachets of gin toppers for the finished product and instruction card.

The ideal gift for any gin aficionados or anyone looking to add their own unique bottle of gin to their spirits collection.

Add 750ml of vodka (not included) and this is everything you need to get cracking on making gin. All presented beautifully in Gin Etc packaging.  All contents are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. No single-use plastic is included.

Dimensions: 2.5cm x 28cm x 20cm, approx 250g

Proudly made in the UK by Gin Etc