• £71.00


The perfect gift for any fish foodie. This irresistible bundle consists of

The Ajikiri - officially intended for prepping small fish but, unlike a deba, this knife is thin so suitable for more general prep work as well. This knife is single bevelled for right handers.

The fish scaler -  solid, well balanced, ideal for both fine and coarse scaled fish. This brass scaler does just the job! 

The tweezers  -  no more pesky fish bones. These tweezers are delicate enough to perfectly remove bones without slaughtering your fine fish. Also ace for hulling strawberries or preparing sushi. Oh and did we mention they are amazing for removing splinters from fingers?! What more can you ask for!! 

As with all our Gift Sets, this one comes beautifully packaged and wrapped with a complimentary gift tag, ready to be sent to the lucky recipient.