Sujihiki knife, Aogami super with stainless cladding, migaki finish - Sukenari


Sukenari hamono were founded in 1933. Throughout Japan they are known for their ability to forge blades of exceptional quality. They have also been real pioneers of forging modern steels.

SHAPE: Slicer or sujihiki. A Japanese carving knife suitable for thin slicing.

STEEL: Aogami (blue paper) super steel. This is very similar to white paper steel but with tungsten and chromium added to it which helps with edge retention and slows down rusting. The super part indicates the highest amount of carbon steel at up to 1.5% out of the blue series steels. This has then been hardened to 64 rockwell making it very hard and capable of retaining an edge for a very long time. The blue steel core has then been wrapped in stainless steel making maintenance easy.

FINISH: Migaki or polished finish.

HANDLE: Octagonal magnolia handle with a Buffalo horn ferrule

LENGTH: 270mm in length.

MAKER: Sukenari - Toyama, Japan

BEST FOR: Top of the line knives in crazy steels. 

SAUNDERS SAYS: "These are very hard knives with excellent edge retention."

These knives are hand-forged so there may be slight variations in measurements and finishes.