Single Bevel Gyuto knife, Aogami 2 carbon steel, Damascus finish - Yoshihiro Yauchi


Born in 1983, Yoshihiro san is already a highly experienced blacksmith having completed the long apprenticeship under the master Hideo Kitaoka.

SHAPE: Gyuto. Japan's answer to the chef's knife with a thinner profile. Gyuto translates to cow sword. This is a single bevel version.

FINISH: Damascus or Suminagashi. This type of finish is made by creating a Kitaeji; which is produced by repeatedly folding/stacking then compressing two different steels until they create a laminated pattern. This can then be manipulated in various ways to produce the maker’s desired pattern effect. This material is then clad around the core metal of the blade as an elaborate protective layer for the core steel - thus giving the knife a beautiful and striking appearance.

HANDLE: Tall octagonal teak handle with black buffalo horn ferule.

LENGTH: 210mm

MAKER: Yoshihiro Yauji

SAUNDERS SAYS: "Those looking for a seriously left field multipurpose chef's knife"

BEST FOR: A single bevel knife in a more usable form