Santoku knife, VG10 Stainless Steel, Coloured Damascus finish - Saji


Saji, a prominent Takefu maker, has made a real eye tuner here. After 5 years of running this business we have finally got this masters knives in. He is one of the great makers of Japan and has been awarded the distinction of living treasure. He is also one of the makers who set up Takefu knife village.

SHAPE: Santoku. Named after the three best things to do with this knife - slicing, dicing and mincing. It is the classic veg prep knife with both good breadth and width.

STEEL: VG10. A premium high carbon Japanese stainless steel capable of impressive hardness. This is the premier product in the V Gold series made by Takefu steel.

FINISH: Coloured Damascus - copper and brass

HANDLE: Western style quince wood handle

LENGTH: 180mm

MAKER: Saji - Takefu, Japan

BEST FOR: Owning something that not many other people do.


These knives are hand-forged so there may be slight variations in measurements and finishes.