THE PICKLE AND SLICE GIFT SET - prep and preserve

  • £52.00


Slicing, dicing and pickling some veg will be simply effortless with this kit. If you know someone who is partial to dauphinoise, or who lives for coleslaw or quick pickled cucumbers, this will be just the ticket. A top quality mandolin for simple slicing and the pickle press to take their veg experimentation up a notch. 

In the set:

PICKLE PRESS: The press allows pressure to be put on the ingredients - helping with water loss - and also keeps the items under the liquid/brine. More info here.

MANDOLIN: No matter how good your knife skills, you aren’t going to want to make dauphinois or coleslaw without one of these. It makes slicing an absolute doddle with blades for straight slicing, and two different sizes of julienne. Not forgetting the all important and absolutely essential finger guard. More info here.