Petty knife, AUS 8 stainless steel , polished finish - Kanetsugu


Kanetsugu are based in Seki city. They offer exceptional value knives that are easy to sharpen and have great fit and finish. These knives are an excellent entry point into the world of Japanese knives.

The Pro M series utilises AUS 8 stainless steel which has been hardened in liquid nitrogen giving the blade excellent edge retention while still remaining easy to sharpen. The blade has also been ground with a convex profile giving them great cutting performance.

SHAPE: Petty. One of the smallest knives in a chef’s arsenal and good for well small things.

STEEL: AUS 8 stainless steel. 

FINISH: Polished 

HANDLE: Western pakkawood handle

LENGTH: 135mm in length.

MAKER: Kanetsugu - Seki city, Japan

BEST FOR: Those looking for their first Japanese knife.

SAUNDERS SAYS: "These are very easy to sharpen and cut brilliantly."