Oroshigane metal grater - small

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The oroshigane grater, also known as oroshiki, is widely used in Japanese cooking and is a staple in professional kitchens. It grates more finely than typical western graters and makes short work of garlic, ginger or chillies. It is beautifully packaged with a rather stylish black and white aesthetic. This is the smallest size.

Saunders says:

"The oroshiki grater differs from its western counterpart in that it produces a much finer end product. They are generally used for Wasabi and ginger but I find they work equally as well with garlic and horseradish root. They don’t have perforations at the back so the ingredients are held at the front, ready to be scraped off."

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The spec

The small grater is 55x75mm. It is made in Japan from stainless steel.