No.1 Kitchen Slicer - CCK Cleaver - KF1101


CCK or Chan Chi Kee cleavers are a Hong Kong-based producer of cleavers and other kitchen equipment. They pretty much universally considered to be best in class.

SHAPE: Chinese cleaver. The quintessential Chinese cooking tool comes in many different forms. The silhouette is almost always the same but the girth and length are the key players here. Generally speaking the thicker they are the more abuse they can take; and the longer they are, the easier slicing tasks become.    

This cleaver is thin and long and really intended for slicing - so definitely no bones or hard objects.

STEEL: Carbon steel. Care must be taken to keep this steel dry to prevent rust but, when it comes to sharpening and edge retention, there really is no beating carbon steel.

FINISH: Polished in a rustic way.

HANDLE: Round wooden handle

LENGTH: 24cm long and 12.5cm tall

MAKER: CCK - Hong Kong, China

BEST FOR: Chop, chop, chopping and then some slicing.

SAUNDERS SAYS: “These really took some getting hold of, now they are here I think we need to order a lot more. These things are amazing and sure to fly out fast.”