Netherton Foundry - wok


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When we started the company I really wanted to sell cookware like pots and pans as they are one of the most important things in my kitchen but a really underrated item. The major problem is there are a lot of people that are already selling these items and I didn’t want to compete with them. The solution was to find a very small artisan producer making incredible products that aren’t stocked in many places. In came Netherton Foundry, not only are their pots and pans beautiful but they are from my home county of Shropshire. Hopefully this is putting the county on the map as previously I got looks that said I have no idea where that is.


One of the first things that I loved about Netherton Foundry is best summed up by a quote on their website ‘our mission is to build products with provenance’. More than 75% of their products are now made using materials sourced in Shropshire and its neighbouring counties. This is a truly impressive fact and instantly drew me in.


The wok below epitomizes Netherton Foundries quality. We were very close to bringing sets of cast iron woks back from Japan and am so glad we didn’t. These really are amazing. I opted for the 13” wok quite simply because it holds more and you can do that cool chefy thing where they throw ingredients around the pan. I am obviously not old enough to make this statement but I really believe that if looked after these will last a lifetime.

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