Nakiri knife, VG10, damascus finish - Masutani


A great veg prep knife with a western handle for ultimate control. Make this your first nakiri!

SHAPE: Nakiri, a traditional veg prep knife. Good surface area to the blade allowing for lots of control. It’s not a cleaver but will revolutionise your mis en place.

STEEL: VG10. A high performance, Japanese-made stainless steel

FINISH: Damascus or Suminigashi

HANDLE: Western pakkawood handle

LENGTH: 165mm in length.

MAKER: Masutani - Echizen, Japan

BEST FOR: Anyone wanting a knife made from one of the best cutting steels on the planet at an acceptable price.

SAUNDERS SAYS:"If you want to try out a nakiri shape, this is a great first knife in this shape. It’s a great quality steel and a good weight and balance."

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