Mini mortar and pestle


  • Mini mortar and pestle
  • Mini mortar and pestle

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Make anything smaller and the cute factor triples, right? We first thought that these mini mortar and pestles were just for fun, but in fact they are quite a handy, particularly when space is at a premium in your kitchen. Crushing salt or pepper at the table is one of the most straightforward uses. However try using it to create and present anything that needs a bit of a bashing before serving; dukah, a quick pesto, or any nut and seed mix you are sticking on your salad. It is equally useful for crushing the ingredients for a flavoured butter for a steak.

Symonds says:

"My favourite thing for this is to make a Vietnamese-style dipping sauce. I crush up a little salt, pepper, and mint and then squeeze over the juice of a lime. This then goes to the table in the mortar and pestle ready to have skewers of steak dipped in"

The spec

Mortar and pestle, 50mm inside diameter.

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