THE LITTLE FOODIES' GIFT SET - get started in the kitchen

  • £40.00


In our house, cooking is often one of the less stressful and more productive parent-child activities we attempt. And without a doubt, the more involved they are in making it, the more likely they are to actually eat it. Help foster an interest in cooking - and start training your own little sous chef - with this gift set.

In the set:

OPINEL PETIT CHEF KNIFE AND GUARD: The Petit Chef set contains a stainless steel knife, easy to look after, with a rounded tip, a peeler and a red finger guard. 

The Knife and the peeler have a training ring, for safe positioning , teaching the future masterchef how to hold their tools. 

 Please do never leave children unsupervised with the knife or the peeler! 

CARTOON CHOPSTICKS: Perfect for when they have graduated from the training chopsticks but you still don't want any eyes poked out. Bamboo, 165mm length. More info here.