Korean soak out cooker


  • Korean soak out cooker
  • Korean soak out cooker

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What the heck is that? Well, its a Korean soak out cooker (국물망 - kukmulmang). We have to hold our hands up and say that, at first, we weren't clear on what it was either. Thing is, once you get the gist of it, its uses are endless.

Lots of Korean soup and stock-based dishes require the infusion of dried anchovies. This little device is used to hold the fish, allowing the flavour to infuse while making it easy to remove the anchovies at the end. It also ensures that the anchovies don't break up, which can make the stock bitter.

There are clips to hold it together and a hook to secure it to the edge of the pan. It can also be used when making any other stocks or broths where infusion is key and where you want to avoid endless straining at the end. I am sure it would also be pretty useful when whipping up a batch of not very Korean mulled wine. 

112mm circumference. Stainless steel. Made in Korea.

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