Kobayashi grape shears

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Japan not only makes some of the best knives, turns out their gardening tools aren't shoddy either. We have sourced these carbon steel secateurs which are robust, easy to use, and, given their carbon steel blades, can easily be resharpened to ensure that your roses can be deadheaded time and time again. If you know a keen gardener - bonsai or no bonsai - this is pretty much the perfect gift. 

Saunders says: 

"These are marketed as for grapes but we can think oF all sorts of uses for these lightweight snippers - herbs, cut flowers, light pruning. The perfect complement for more heavyweight secateurs.”

The spec

Carbon steel with coated handles. Made by Kobayashi. 165mm total length, 48mm blade length., weight - 74g.

The manufacturer recommends not using these scissors on anything greater than 5mm.