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In almost every conversation about knives with customers, we wang on about how we don't sell knives as sets. Reason being is that you want to pick and choose the knives you will use the most and spent most of your budget on the knife you will use for most kitchen tasks. In a lot of knife sets, you often get two or three very similarly sized knives, one useless novelty knife, and end up only using one of the range. And don't get me started on knife blocks (basically, a big no no).

All that said, you will inevitably need more than one knife in your armory or want to have an idea of how to put together some basic kit and what you can get for your budget. We have put together some knife sets that cover off basic tasks and work well in combination. 

THE MEAT KIT: And once again, don't use your gyuto for gnarly kitchen tasks. But if you are a keen meat cook, you will want a few other bits of kit to ensure that you don't have to. Perfect to buy for someone who loves to cook a roast and already has a favourite chef's knife:

- 270mm ITTETSU SUJIHIKI: when you've cooked your meat, you are going to need to slice it beautifully. This is where this beast comes in. Quality stainless steel so sharp but easy care, and at a price that won't scare the horses. Full info here.

- CARBON STEEL BONING KNIFE: a great option from Pallares for getting the meat off the bone. Carbon steel in the 180mm length. Full info here.

- JAPANESE KITCHEN SCISSORS: if you don't want to take a boning or slicing knife to it, then the answer is probably scissors. And these are beauties. Full info here.