Kitchen Provisions x Blenheim Forge knife


  • Kitchen Provisions x Blenheim Forge knife
  • Kitchen Provisions x Blenheim Forge knife
  • Kitchen Provisions x Blenheim Forge knife
  • Kitchen Provisions x Blenheim Forge knife

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The knife made exclusively for Kitchen Provisions by Blenheim Forge has been produced in a limited run to our exact specifications. We have chosen the dimensions and a grind that will create a general purpose kitchen knife in a Japanese style. 

We wanted to make a very thin Santoku knife. The thinness of the blade means you have to be slightly more gentle with it; however, the edge that can be put on it is incredible. This thing is super sharp.  

The thinness and grind also aid in the cutting performance of the knife. When cutting potatoes with a western style knife you will often find the knife wedges in the potato and forces it apart rather than cutting it cleanly; the proportions of this Japanese style knife avoids this.

More information about the forge is here.

The spec

These blades are made from a layer of blue paper steel (aogami steel) which is forge welded to a cladding of damascus steel. Blue paper steel is regarded by leading knife makers as superior to other steels thanks to its extremely fine grain structure as well as its lack of impurities. Blue paper steel takes on a razor sharp edge and guarantees high edge retention along with minimal burr during sharpening.

The knives come with a traditional Wa handle constructed out of teak taken from the oldest surviving London fire boat dating from 1920s. The ferrule is made from London sycamore. The handle is weighted so that the balance point of the knife is the spot where the tang joins the blade.

We recommend cleaning and drying the knife immediately after use and applying a light coat of oil if the blade is not used often. For best results, sharpen on a flat waterstone.





These knives are hand-forged so there may be slight variations in measurements and finishes.


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