Kitchen Provisions Merch - the leather strop

  • £21.00


More merch please! Use a strop to finish your knives and polish the edge, removing any small burrs that might remain after sharpening. It takes seconds but makes a real difference to the finished result.  

SMALL: 200 x 45 x 24mm (surface for stropping approx. 170 x 45mm)

MEDIUM: 3700 x 45 x 28mm (surface for stropping approx. 240 x 60mm)

LARGE: 420 x 78 x 30mm (surface for stropping approx. 300 x 78mm)

FLEXI: 96 x 58 x 4mm 

All come with a 15g pot of fresh Smurf Poo - our favourite stropping compound. Use on the suede side to refine your edge further.